Viro-ex by Inno-Vita

Inno-Vita’s Viro-Ex™ supports the immune system of the body and its own defense mechanisms against viruses and viral infections.  It helps boost the immune system so the body can fight against and create a shield against viruses. If you want to purchase this product please give us a call at (808)-373-9966.

Inno-vita Viro-Ex™ -- 60 veggie capsules - Remove Submicroscopic Infective

  • Promotes the body's own defense mechanism against viral infections
  • Supports the immune system by building a defense against future viral attacks
  • Helps the body minimize the effects of viruses and viral diseases
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut balance
  • Supports the recovery process from viral infections

Why Inno-vita? No other health care product providers have combined the processes of blending ancient formulas with cutting edge genetic science, free of the use of questionable animal gland based medicines. Inno-vita products are high quality and have created a new product line sold exclusively through certified health care professionals. Using innovative technology Inno-vita has created formulas with genetic amino acid sequences modeled after a healthy human being, called FormCodes™, which have replaced the use of animal glandulars. Inno-vita products have proven to be carefully balanced and powerful products. They have been tested to help with therapeutic changes to hormonal and tissue health. Above all else, Inno-vita products have been engineered to heal.