Gut Health Remedy Pack: Phytostan, Megaspore, & Wheat Rescue

$129.00 available on subscription

Do you find yourself craving sugar and carbohydrate rich foods? Yeast, otherwise known as Candida, could be taking over your gut microbiome and your life! This trio can assist you by curbing your sugar cravings, reducing bloating, and killing off yeast flourishing in your body. 


  • Mega Spore Biotic (60 Capsules) is a powerful probiotic used to rebalance a healthy gut microbiome for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Phytostan (90 Capsules) directly targets yeast and fungus overgrowth in your body to process for elimination from your intestinal tract. 
  • Wheat Rescue (60 Capsules) is intended to be taken when you plan on eating anything with gluten or wheat. It aids in digesting wheat properly and decreases wheat sensitivity.
  • Clears up blemishes and acne.

Included in this Package:

The Wisdom of Well-Being: Your Health is in Your Hands by Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff.

Over 30 years of Naturopathic Healing has led to The Wisdom of Well Being, teaching you how to attain the pinnacle of Well-Being that we call “Super Health”. Here you will gain understanding of methods and tools to take charge of your own health and learn how to make the most appropriate decisions for your own longevity, vitality and joy of living.


The Wisdom of Well Being, Your Health is in your Hands - In this beautiful, easy to read and absorb book of wisdom, Dr. Joy will share with you what she believes to be the most elementally important action steps that you can begin implementing easily into your life today and everyday, to have a life filled with quality, vitality and meaning.  Dr. Joy teaches you how to attain the pinnacle of Well-Being that we call “Super Health and Happiness”. Learn how to make the wisest decisions for your own peace of mind, heart and soul.

Your capacity for inner peace, happiness and overall well-being is greater than you can imagine. You have the means of enhancing your relationships with others, yourself and ultimately your destiny.

Package Includes:

1 x Paperback Version - The Wisdom of Well-Being: Your Health is in Your Hands
1 x Mega Spore Biotic (60 Capsules)
Phytostan (90 Capsules)
1x Wheat Rescue (60 Capsules)