Ayate Washcloth 100% Agave by Flower Valley | 1 Cloth

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  • Long-Lasting and quick Drying
  • Better than a loofa by resisting mold
  • Useful in the kitchen efficient mar free utility cloth
  • Made from agave century plant
  • Hand woven Imported from Mexico
  • Restores, stimulates skin to smooth invigorating Freshness

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Washcloth-100% Agave

From an Ancient Tradition

The native term "ayate" describes loose-woven products such as nets, bags, and various cloths from the agave or century plant. As part of a living tradition that reaches back over 10,000 years, the styles and techniques for these artifacts are as old as Mesoamerican culture itself

Use this washcloth in the bath or kitchen, to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, or as a mar-free utility cloth for cleaning. This one count agave fiber washcloth tightens its weave as it absorbs water.